Stories from
November, 2018

I’m not prepared for this electric heartbreak. I never should’ve let you leave my insides, the whole world a coffin you fit perfectly.

Kate LaDew resides in Graham, NC with her cats, Charlie Chaplin and Janis Joplin.

“I’ve made tea for her,” she says. “She’s such a good girl, never late.”

“I’m here Mum,” I want to say. Instead I say, “I’ll wait with you.”

Liz Cable (@lizcable) likes padlocks probably a bit too much.

“We’d be just two sad, old drunks if we didn’t have each other,” he says.

We clink glasses. The mirror cracks.

Petar Petrov (@pesh0man) likes short stories that linger long.

She left home, leaving only objects which belonged to a child with pigtails–an empty dollhouse, a teddy bear loved to shapelessness.

Sean Mulroy lives in Newcastle, Australia. His fiction has previously appeared in Every Day Fiction among other venues.