We’ve been at this a while. Over 3.5 years in fact (a lifetime in internet years). So if people are going to be writing and talking about Twitter Fiction, you can bet your tweets that we’ll be publishing right alongside ’em. There’s a five day festival going on, and we’ll be publishing a brand new piece every day in a daily contest.

For the festival, our submissions process has changed. Unlimited submissions, every day. Send as many as you want, as long they are inspired (loosely) by these daily themes:

Wednesday:  the classics, revisited
Thursday: generations
Friday: legen—wait for it—dary
Saturday: the practical and mundane
Sunday: an alternate present

Send your pieces to editor@nanoism.net. Try to leave room for the story to end with “#twitterfiction” and don’t forget your third-person bio. All submissions will be considered for regular publication (naturally). Each winner will be published the following day.

Happy writing.