“Eurydice?” he says for the third time.

Behind him, she waits.

R. Gatwood never looks back.

For May, we’re bringing back our author spotlight series. This time, we’re doing an encore from our first feature and presenting a round of stories from one of our very favorite concise writers, R. Gatwood.

Also, did we mention that Nanoism turned 8 years old over a month ago?

I say, “It’s good, but it’s not like it’ll change my life or anything.”
She says, “I think maybe you misunderstand what a burrito is.”

Ben Roth teaches for the Harvard College Writing Program. He has a Ph.D. in philosophy.

The BMW was going too fast, and I was behind you on the crosswalk, and you whispered, “Fuck it, pay for my college,” and “shit, shit, shit.”

Colin Lubner is a senior at Villanova, where he writes less than he should.

She wrapped her arms around me. It was a function of her programming—I knew that—and yet, it had awakened something real.

S. Patrick Gallagher writes from New Jersey. He tweets @TightFiction and @spatgallagher.

Everything they upvoted became true.

Davian Aw is hungry.

Sorting the photo collection had halted again. Now we were sitting in silence, lost in memories of the child who never grew up.

Mark Farley (@mumbletoes) blogs about writing.

The pathologist found nothing of note and they reburied her quietly. In time, the primroses grew back but they were never quite the same.

CB McCall is an obvious pseudonym

She decides to put the tooth under her pillow before she leaves. Even with one less kid around, her mom will need the money.

R. Gatwood is concise.

Coming back from dad’s funeral, we fought over the urn and his ashes fell on the seat. He stayed there, watching, judging, just like always.

Andrew Bertaina lives and works in Washington, DC.