Stories by
Sean Vivier

It’s strange. Ever since the whole of humanity fled to the suburbs, the giant monsters have yet to attack us.

Sean Vivier calls this one “Suburban Flight.”

She invests for nine months to afford the elf’s services. She gives birth, then pays the going market rate for happily ever after.

Sean Vivier is a teacher and a writer from central Connecticut.

The philosopher’s stone brought perfect order to chaos. The alchemist had but a moment of joy before the stone stilled his every atom.

Sean Vivier is a writer and a teacher.

Zeus didn’t have the heart to tell Pandora: Hope had been meant as a torment as well.

Sean Vivier wishes we could title these.

We took a troubled child from your world and gave him absolute power over a land of magic. Still, the reign of terror surprised us.

Sean Vivier teaches when he isn’t writing.

He had the crone curse every man in the castle with deadly plague. As he crested the wall, he wished he’d mentioned the women, too.

Sean Vivier’s last name is pronounced like Vivian but with an R.

So much pain, so much death. So much metal upon him. Ironheart could not be a man, she swore, but an automaton. Until he lifted his helm.

Sean Vivier works at a Sudbury school and as a line dance instructor.

Goliath awaited the beheading blow, prone. He’d failed to save his people from conquest. Worse yet, they would cast him the villain.

Sean Vivier works at a Sudbury school and also teaches line dancing.

Private Coleman never talked to his brother after the resurrection. He’d given his last full measure. You don’t give that back.

Sean Vivier likes SF, in case you haven’t noticed.

The Prodigal Son sighed. His family’s talk seemed so dull these days. He had nothing to share. He’d seen so much they hadn’t.

Sean Vivier is a teacher and writer from central Connecticut.