Stories from
May, 2009

Illegal? Don’t care. Stolen? Not the worst of it. I bury the white roots in black earth. The emerald leaves perk. It knows where it belongs.

Ash M.B. has a B.A. in English, is a professional Polynesian dancer, kung fu fighter, and writer.

I sorted and tossed unwanted pieces of my past. I thought I was just making room, opening space, but I was resetting time, growing younger.

Novelist, poet, curmudgeon Steven E. McDonald usually throws the long bombs, but sometimes comes up short.

Ashes fell years ago. War to end war. Hope is a phoenix breaking the gray shell that entombed our fierce past, unfolding 2nd Renaissance.

R. Schuyler Devin: a writer who prefers to walk halls of his own imagining rather than the dark alleys of his past.

One of her callers was an old lover, clad in the uniform of some lost cause: still searching for his blue-eyed girl, and still color-blind.

Rafe McGregor is a British crime novelist and the author of The Architect of Murder. Visit his blog.

I offered dreams to gods of winds and wishes. I released, forgot, and was content. In a distant land, my dreams dust an old woman’s garden.

Tom L Waters (@TomLWaters) is a physicist, teacher, and sf/fantasy writer. He lives in Tesuque, New Mexico.