Stories from
November, 2009

The mussels steamed up and split their lips, revealing the soft, moist meat within. Jeremy sighed. He needed to find a girlfriend, and fast.

Brad Chacos has a story and an article appearing in future issues of Withersin magazine, but oddly enough, no Twitter account.

He thought that the story I wrote about love was “touching.” Too bad it wasn’t about him.

Matan White married her high school sweetheart. Too bad the only way she can communicate with him is by submitting to this mag.

The customer no-shows at a rest stop on I-65. A kilo cold in the trunk. It’s snowing. She shivers. “I’m done with this,” she says to no one.

Dale Wisely is a fan of economy of language. He edits Right Hand Pointing.

Three years after his release.  Beth pregnant, crying for a fix.  Half-dead.  And the gun in his waistband whispering: I got this.

Peter Schwartz reads so much he can’t help but write.

She lay as still as she was able, making a game of it, trying not to wake him. He would only put his arm around her in his sleep.

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