Stories from
March, 2010

Her blouse was sheer and she was bra-less. We stared and she smiled. “For once,” she said, “I want people to notice me, not my wheelchair.”

Bruce Harris enjoys relaxing with a Marxman.

My dad turned into a dinosaur on aisle five. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was. I cried among the broken pickle jars as he stomped away.

Evan R. Hanson is writer and law student.

She mourned for butterflies, condemned to perch and fly again. When she grew wings, she mourned her feet, never again content to walk.

Rebecca McNulty (@rlmcnulty) is a student living in New Jersey. One day, she hopes to satisfy the childhood desire of living in a library.

Turns out Pluto’s not a planet. Everyone laughed, in third grade, when I said there were only 8 planets. I should have been an astronaut.

Alex Odom has been published by Boston Literary Magazine, Foundling Review, Six Sentences, Flashquake, and Camroc Press Review.

Every night the mail is on the table beside a covered dish. Sometimes a note: “Do you love me?” If I did, I’d have changed the locks by now.

R. Gatwood is concise.