Stories from
April, 2010

LaFayette Blues in a bar. Two young men cast looks over whiskey. The Ohio night sweats on outside. They leave separately. They are careful.

Dawn West (b. 1987) lives in Ohio and writes little things. Her work has appeared in Four and Twenty and Fiction at Work.

When the novelty wears off, she thought, there had better be something to take its place. She suspected it would be something even better.

JJ Sheffer lives, works, loves, and plays—and occasionally writes—in York, PA.

Pavlov’s daughter, the receptionist, wonders why every time the typewriter rings of its return, she craves chopped meat.

Ripley Patton is a liberated woman who loves steak.

“She fell on her bike,” the parents tell the nurse, but the imprint of a belt buckle gives voice to the truth.

Antonia Day has lived in Minnesota most of her life.  She is a mom, gramma, nurse, writer, owns a dog and a cat, and love flowers.

He came back from war different, quieter, but she still loved him. More, maybe. Once he shouted at her in his sleep, but she never told him.

Dom Turner is a programmer and photographer, and loves writing. He recently sold a story to Albedo One.

He wished he hadn’t done it. Or that she couldn’t read his writing. Or that she hadn’t found the diary. Any one of those would do.

Ray Templeton started writing in Scotland but now does it in England.

When told the Backstreet Boys had broken up she took the cassette, her only one, out of the Walkman and crushed it. That’s Africa for you.

Matt Timlin: an underpaid overworked med student.

The drunk woke and saw a long tunnel ahead. Believing he was dead, he entered the tunnel and was hit by a train. Then he saw another tunnel.

Jack Horne hopes there’s some consolation in death: finally knowing the answer!

They asked what subject they liked most, and then they gave an answer that satisfied them. And that was one conversation.

Brian Yoder lives in Portland, OR.  He had two cats.

She was a virgin when we married, and had been so sheltered, that somehow I never got around to telling her that it was reconstructed.

Sometimes Shelby Davis arrives to work late because he’s been up all night writing about people whose hobbies end in personal disaster.