Stories from
September, 2010

Jane hates me, but that’s okay. She’s only a figment of my imagination. Therapy is going well, but Jane still wants a divorce.

Philip Tite is an independent scholar and writer in Seattle. His work has appeared in Silver Blade and This Mutant Life.

She saw the whiskey on the table, sensed the stiffness of his shoulders, and started to shake.

Martha Williams hugs her figments here:

He glances at her as he plays her favorite tune. He knows it by heart; he wrote it for her. She smiles back as she walks toward her groom.

Ivan Paner is a med student. He likes pie.

The grinning carousel horse took her in circles what fun, but to her the best part of the ride was when it carried her far from her mother.

Jonathon Delk, trying his best.

Once it warms to skin temperature I can’t tell the difference, honey. Honestly I can’t. Anyway, it doesn’t make you any less of a—Honey?

R. Gatwood is concise.

I toss your boxers in our dirty laundry. I light a cigarette and kiss you. Smoke settles on my skin. I barely think about divorce papers.

Dawn West (b. 1987) has stories in or upcoming in Camroc Press Review, SmokeLong Quarterly, Necessary Fiction, and others.

They kiss. “I only love you because you’re Japanese,” he doesn’t say. “I know,” she doesn’t reply. “It’s okay.”

Stewart Baker is a librarian living near Los Angeles, born in England. His website is Cats are nice.

I listened to your mixtape. Don’t quit Stake n’ Shake, but it’s good. Hell, I wish I could still sing like that. I’m proud, son.

JP Allen has trouble writing anything longer than 140 characters. He lives in Danville, Kentucky.

Envy leapt around the room, poisoning everyone it touched, ruining the joy of my first success, making me wish I had failed.

Stephen D. Rogers is the author of Shot to Death and more than 600 shorter pieces.  Visit to see why.

Told him I was waiting there to catch a bus. He didn’t get it–wanted to know what the tranquilizer gun was for.

Grace Seybold is living in Montreal, writing fiction and relearning how to be an optimist.