Stories from
November, 2010

It had started small, but now he was hooked and never played with his friends anymore. Just kept wasting all of his time in the real world.

Mike Donoghue mostly lives in his head, but resides in Vancouver.

When memories start to slip away, dry leaves caught on an autumn breeze and snatched from the lawn, will you want me to remind you who I am?

Milo James Fowler teaches junior high English and writes in the dark. Visit him anytime, day or night.

“That’s absurd!” She stood, silently ovulating, avoiding his gaze.

Freeman Ng tweets one newly written haiku of his own every day at @HaikuDiem.

Her first dinner after the divorce was pasta. The noodles looked like wavy lines drawn by a child trying to understand the sun.

Nathan Patton keeps it real, but also fictionalizes it.

His unconscious sister on the floor, an emaciated mutt giving him the eye, and discreet piles of shit everywhere. Time to save the dog.

Marcelle Heath is a fiction writer and assistant editor for Luna Park. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

Stacking cans was a dream. To be back in the store, adrift in soft light and music, no longer cold, unkempt, with an unread cardboard sign.

Derek Dexheimer lives in Seattle. He is working on a novel.

He’d give it six days. That would provide plenty of time, should he change his mind, to remove the extra pills in Saturday’s pillbox.

Bruce Harris enjoys relaxing with a Marxman.

She drops me off at the house where the bony-elbow lady lives. Promises to come back for me soon. Sometimes I pretend to miss her.

Lisa Potts (@LisaMPotts) writes YA and lives in the Midwest along with her kids and various shelter animals.

There was a moment’s hesitation as she reconsidered living with his mistake. Doubt, hope, panic, and the train hit her all at the same time.

Susan Howe is a purveyor of short and even shorter stories. She lives in England.

When the last machine died, they planted its cogs and pawls and pinions by the river. The soil was rich, the water sweet. Sunlight abounded.

Dennis Y. Ginoza is working towards his MFA in Writing at Pacific University. He lives on the Kitsap Peninsula.