Stories from
February, 2011

Dear lonelyguy72, We are unable to display your profile. We have reviewed it, and can find no photo of your erect penis.

James Hutchings mostly writes fantasy.

Ahmed paints a painting: a close-up of JFK’s face, pained, as he sucks a faceless woman’s breast. The title: Capitalism.

David Backer edits and blogs at

If only Barbara had shown young George the body of a dead soldier.

Michael Dean Anthony is a writer and editor who, in spare time, shakes his fist at passing motorists.

The Prodigal Son sighed. His family’s talk seemed so dull these days. He had nothing to share. He’d seen so much they hadn’t.

Sean Vivier is a teacher and writer from central Connecticut.

The boil in her palm throbbed again before she could finish her lullaby. She kissed it gently but it cried.

Charity Temple lives in the Philippines and got exposed to Anne Rice a little too early.

The Mormon belief that spirit babies choose their families cannot be correct because I would have chosen a family with better furniture.

Erin Britton has all of her teeth and most of her marbles.

Her mum’s last, whispered words were ‘Save yourself for the right man.’ It was a comfort, later, to think she’d died not knowing the truth.

Simon Kewin likes cake. And chocolate. And chocolate cake.

The message came back through time. The end did come, but we didn’t do it to ourselves. That was important. We didn’t do it to ourselves.

Sean Vivier is a teacher and writer from central Connecticut.

Worse than feeling her brittle ribs crack as he did CPR was how unfamiliar it felt to be touching his wife’s skin after all these years.

Mike Donoghue mostly lives in his head, but resides in Vancouver.

Ana tried forcing the lock again; the pin cracked and snapped. Wracked with cold, she curled up inside the trunk and awaited the inevitable.

JC Chute edits, except when she writes.