Stories from
July, 2011

“Went back for iPod, missed boat,” Luke texts me. “Flood is coming. Not sure what to do. Drinks next Thursday?”

C.E. Hyun is a law student and you can learn more here.

He took the garbage out every night, whistling to boot. “When did you stop loving me?” she asked.

Neila Mezynski is author of Glimpses from Scrambler Books.

He enjoys taking long walks downtown at dusk, breathing the cool evening air as the busy sidewalks gradually clear of witnesses.

Tim Sevenhuysen studies sociology at the University of Victoria and writes microfiction at 50-Word Stories.

Bee takes pain for a living. Today she takes an extra seven lashes. Her darling Emily has a birthday coming up and her heart set on a pony.

James Carver is a recent college grad kneading old ideas into fiction.

You’re a shitty magician whose tricks i’ll believe so i don’t have to deal with the idea that there isn’t any real magic left in the world.

Nick Orf once pulled a rabbit out of a hat.

Each of these two strangers has a friend, a different one, who calls late at night in tears. They try the weather—joke about slow elevators.

R. Gatwood is concise.

The other memories were boxed, but she stood crying in the bathroom because sometimes it’s hard to replace a toothbrush.

D.N.A. Morris is a writer from Houston, Texas.

George picked at Emma’s frozen corn casserole, as she pushed a mop across his tiled floor, trying not to remind him of his wife.

Danielle Abramsohn writes stories that are shorter than she is.

Once she wrote, Something unpleasant has happened to me but nothing came of it.

Tim Terhaar wrote this story in Kafka’s diaries on 24 January 1914 from the pen of A.’s beloved, L.

Prospecting in Fra Mauro, my suit’s cooling unit fails. Can’t dump heat; cooking alive. Why’d I cheat on Gail, overseer of suit maintenance?

A.L. Sirois cites as creative influences Firesign Theatre, the Beatles, Pieter Brueghel, Mervyn Peake, H. G. Wells, and Frank Zappa.