Stories from
August, 2011

The city reeked of fast food and disillusions. He missed his mother’s cooking.

Elena Tillman Sperandio lives between Stockholm and Brooklyn.

“Making a snowman isn’t the difficult part,” our eight-year-old son tells us, looking outside the window. “Watching it melt away is.”

Debbi Antebi’s work has appeared in One Forty Fiction and Trapeze Magazine, among others. She lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

The taste of this cookie will linger longer than any memory of these words or your date. In bed.

James Beamon writes what-ifs because…well, what if he didn’t?

I met a girl today, on the bus, waiting for another bus, but on this one. We talked, but she ran out of English, and we were quiet then.

Derek Dexheimer faces challenges.