Stories from
August, 2012

She slipped into her sandals for a walk in the snow, then asked the stranger in the mirror to help her find the door.

Terri Ross is a poet/writer currenly working on her first novel. She resides in Ontario Canada.

Maya’s folks set out milk & cookies. They lit incense & prepared the Ouija board, smiling. I pondered why I was told never to speak to them.

Ben X. Caldwell lives in Buffalo, NY but exists in a nonphysical state of perspective and consciousness. The bathrooms are clean.

Today our twins were born. Name: Xiang. Weight: 3220 grams. Length: 17.3 inches. He has a little sister.

Evert Asberg lives and works in Europe.

When the broad­casts stopped, it got lonely in the bunker. In the end we took a vote. We didn’t want to out­live the human race.

Jack Vivace lives at home with his girlfriend, his birds, and the shambling horror that came with the apartment.

After over three years of Nanoism and reaching our 500th story last week (milestone!), we’re making a very significant change to our publication schedule. In fact, it’s a pretty big change for a site featuring such tiny tales.

From now on, Nanoism will be publishing one story per week (on Wednesdays). Everything else stays the same. Okay, so maybe not that big of a change.

We still love reading these tiny tales. Our new schedule will give each new selection some serious time at the top of our site.

Isaac had barely spoken to him since. Abraham began to wonder if he had failed the Lord’s test after all.

Sean Vivier wrote this.

My robot friend failed his Turing test. He was devastated, but not in the same way a person would be.

Tom Byers, fortunately for the human race, does not know how to build robots.