Stories from
January, 2013

He asked her, “Would you marry me?”
She said, “No, but I’ll take you home.”

N. J. Campbell wonders a lot.

Having saved him from shipwreck and sharks, she basked there, pondering the purpose of his toes, before she woke from such strange dreams.

Ben Adams is a Hoosier who lives on the island of Maui.

First the money ran out. Then she did. Then he quit drinking—he no longer had either the means or the motivation. He wasn’t unhappy.

Daragh Beirne makes little creatures do stuff.

“Tomorrow we will get you some horseshoes,” said the man wiping his brow.

“But father,” said the boy, “I am not a horse, I am a bear.”

Will Wood is a vagabond.  He lives anywhere but Texas.

Wind blew the balloon from his hands, and the little boy liked that it was free to play.

Sometimes, his father said, it’s okay to feel sad.

Derek Dexheimer has a writing and photography blog.