Stories from
April, 2013

I wonder if she remembers us. But he gave her a new kitten and a new name when he carried her away into another future, the one without us.

Linda Palund: a flash fiction artiste and morbid soul living on two continents.

Duke was drunk on rubbing alcohol and three days no sleep. “Where’s the mutt?” He would yell, looking for me. “Where is the white devil?”

Ben Parker Karris is a young writer currently living in the American Southwest.

She could only get herself 302ed so often before people thought she just craved attention and hospital beds. She decided to try harder.

Eric Boyd (@EricBoydtweets) writes for a lot of different things. He was recently nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Driving, I scan the sleepy city for a diner I’ve never been to. The radio seems to sing, “better versions of you are being born right now.”

Eddy Habib writes words and sells beer in Worcester, MA. He recently caught all the pokemon.