Stories from
July, 2013

He couldn’t feel my face when I was a baby. His hands were too rough, or I was too soft. Like cinderblocks on silk, mother said.

Dan Reiter believes in partial telepathy.

She spreads mint jelly across a slab of multi-grain toast and wishes for pop-up children who never say no or I can’t or don’t kill me.

Kyle Hemmings lives and dies in New Jersey.

There’s a note on my door. Hurrying inside, I catch the last of my dreams climbing out a window, wearing my now useless wedding gown.

Zac Newnham (@znewnham) is a creative writing student in Melbourne, taking very small steps on a very long road.

The man wanted a dog. The woman wanted a baby.
The man did not want a baby, but really wanted a dog.
They settled for each other.

Danny Croot’s potential is only handicapped by his laziness.