Stories from
December, 2013

He Duct Taped forty-seven rockets to an old lawn chair.

“Just like in that movie,” he shouted. “‘You want the moon, Mary?'”

Mom kept packing.

K. C. Norton doesn’t exist in mirrors.

I’m not where I should be. The woman beside me is dead. The paramedics try to save my body whilst my mind works on. What will the wife say?

Chris Redfern finds his attitude to life has been greatly affected by his three young boys. No it hasn’t. Yes it has.

Baby teeth rattle like dried corn in a plastic box. She shuts the childproof drawer, accepts her parents as caricatures.

Dan Reiter wishes the world were rounder.

He remembers it, longs for it, that old life of cold wells and bitter flies, each time she kisses him with her warm dry lips.

@mari_ness does not recommend kissing frogs as a dating technique.