Stories from
January, 2014

One day, He turned off the Sun, put the planets back in the box, stored them with the rest, and left to play in a different galaxy.

Iulian Ionescu is a Fiction Writer, Fantasy & Sci/Fi fanatic, Web Programmer, Free Thinker, Blogger and Social Media Geek.

The invention of the universal translator was overshadowed by the cries of babies for their fading past-life memories.

@kaolinfire writes #twitfic sporadically as @q8p.

I think of her often, not because I miss her, but because the last time I saw her was the last time anyone saw her. And that changes things.

Foster Trecost is from New Orleans. His stories follow his attention span: sometimes short, and sometimes very short.

Today was okay. I call up my in-progress file s_note.DOC and edit some, add a reference to Mom, add “very” to the end bit: “so very sorry.”

Daniel Galef writes when he isn’t reading.

When the end of the world came it was not at all like they said. There was a bright light, yes. But then there was you.

Derek Dexheimer (@dex3703) gives his report at He is working on a novel.