Stories from
February, 2014

“Try the wine.”

She took a sip, noticed the ring, went to use the restroom. Twenty minutes later, he realized she wasn’t coming back.

Robert Hanley will keep writing until they make him stop.

Goblins aren’t people, but creatures bred for evil.  So you can’t blame us for killing their men, nor what we then did with their women.

Sean Vivier cannot be summarized in a tweet.

Six years since they last saw each other. Seven since they last kissed. Under bitter New York twilight, déjà vu struck like lightning.

R. Alexander Woodend is a writer/editor/translator and graduate of Franklin & Marshall College and Columbia University.

The base of her skin graft is silk: when the nerves throb, she pictures it—ribbons in the wind, a river flowing beneath the shallow scar.

Austin Eichelberger completed his MA in Fiction in May 2009. He is co-founding editor of the online journal SPACES.