Stories from
July, 2014

Seven guns fire three times and Jane collects a flag.

Courtney Stafford is a student at the University of Colorado.

They raised two girls sleeping in separate rooms. On occasion, she’d tap on his door, her sheepish smile buying her entry inside.

Ian Sands is currently not writing a novel.

She combed the mommy website until dawn but found no name implying inconvenience or denoting disappointment.

Meredith Hatcher writes to keep from going insane in rural Texas.

I finally found someone like Me. Then I remembered I had forbidden all other gods.

R. Gatwood is mortal.

When the rivers dried up and the flowers died, I knew that the end was near, so I sat on the edge of a precipice and watched them warp away.

JT Gill arranges words in clever orders, he thinks.