Stories from
December, 2014

It was when his holding became more like choking and leaving became more like dancing that I realized all my movements were wrong.

Rachel Tanner is a grad student who is a future English and writing professor. You can follow her hilarious Twitter at @rickit.

And then we laughed too loudly and for far too long, dreading the silence that was to come after.

Kristy Lin (@kristyxlin) wonders if Nanoism received her previous submission but knows that she has to wait 3 months to ask formally.

The seagulls were flying in a perfect circle, matching that of the mosquitos and the deer. Nearby, the abandoned radar was humming again.

John Pugh XI is a writer/musician living in post-war Manhattan.

The goodbye note, all I had left of her, was spotted with little drops, smudging the paper. They looked like tears, but smelled like scotch.

Daniel Galef writes when he isn’t reading.