Stories from
September, 2015

“You won’t become like God. You’ll become more human,” said the honest serpent.

“That sounds alright, doesn’t it?” said Eve.

Justin Lau (@jusco15) is a vagabond at peace. He blogs at and runs Transect Magazine (@TransectMag).


She says the same thing about men and cigs: Everything that looks cool will kill you later. Same goes for shoes, cars, and stonewalling Mom.

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Things looked different in his old town—the buildings smaller, the trees taller, the thistles flowering in the ravine they buried Father.

Monica Wang grew up in both Burnaby, Canada, and Taichung, Taiwan, so don’t bother looking for the body.

I waited for you. They said I was a fool, but I didn’t want money. It wasn’t even for love. Every life has a purpose, and that was mine.

Derek Dexheimer (@dex3703) gives his report at He is working on a novel.

I heard your voice in a jet engine’s roar, so I pulled out my phone to call you. But you were mid shift, so I texted instead: thinking of u.

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