Stories from
April, 2016

Feigning nonchalance, she knocked back the placebo before quickly realizing that she would hate herself for a different reason if it worked.

Stephanie Hutton is a sleep-deprived clinical psychologist.

You leave the perfect amount of water in your nightstand glass each morning to feed my orchid.

Drew Knapp. DC. @zuzwan.

It’s been so long that we temporarily forgot: Nanoism is now over 7 years old (which is approaching infinity in internet years). Thanks as always for reading and submitting!

He spoke in a harried whisper. About things he’d seen. About fears that tightened his stomach like a vise.

On the other end, a dial tone.

Trevor Pyle is a poet, journalist, and short-story writer.

Once again, he tells me that snow is paper-colored. Before I make the bed, I ask him one last time why he assumes the default is white.

Alisa Golden just woke up.