Stories from
October, 2016

God spun two galaxies around in one hand to help her focus as she considered what to do with one star system’s colony of invasive primates.

Greg Hill rewrote Chapter 1 of Genesis using only seven-letter words.

Even after the wedding guests left, his fingers kept caressing the edges of the metal band in his coat pocket.

On the same day, Frederick Charles Melancon married the same girl twice. He tells people that it was just to make sure.

I stay busy, and pray when I remember. It’s hard to believe I said “I love you” in November.

Wesley Selman lives in the great state of Texas and writes under the influence of tacos and cheap tequila.

The immortal man looked at the stars, realizing his species would never go there. A lack of curiosity in DNA. The curious had chosen to die.

Every morning, Evert Asberg (@EvertAsberg) looks into his notebook to see what stories came bursting out of him that night.