Stories from
December, 2017

Leave him, he told her. You have the house, the investment property. You need nothing else. Nothing.

Soon, he’d made himself irrelevant too.

Jason Peck lives in Pittsburgh and edits After Happy Hour Review.

It was a stretch for a silver lining, but if the operation failed, she’d never have to listen to her husband’s limericks again.

Pat Tompkins writes from California.

They forced him from Themiscyra, as they exiled all boys, no matter how he protested that he felt like an Amazon inside.

Sean Vivier is a web developer, a ballroom dancer, and a writer.

The chapters of his life are not in order but the verbs are strong.

AJ Atwater’s stories are forthcoming or published in Literary Orphans, The Gravity of the Thing, PANK, and others.