Stories from
January, 2018

I searched desperately for someone real & fell in love with a lie. We make fake love now because we despise each other. I deserve this pain.

J.J. Landry (@JJLandry82) enjoys reading and writing about crime fiction.

Only once, in a dream, did he say those three soft words—then jerk upright, panic-stricken, as if somebody heard.

A writer and editor, Stephen Delaney has had recent work published at Requited. He tweets as @marginalwords.

He gave no ground as they argued about that tree, whose roots had grown deep and wild, until, finally, he had no ground left to give.

Katherine J. Parker (@katjparker) continues to believe in the power of the intangible even when the corporeal stands in her way.

She put on her somber face, just in case there was a God. And, hand to mouth, tried hard not to laugh when I impersonated the priest.

Divya Kishore studies medicine and aims to become conversant in sports metaphor.