Stories from
March, 2018

The broken body of a yellow bird. I found it outside my house. “I will make marshmallows in your image,” I whispered.

Marcus Haugen has been described as “pretty laid back.”

The fact that generosity annoyed her only made it worse. But, there were monsters to feed and that was the long and the short of it.

Daragh Beirne makes little creatures do stuff.

GRADES ARE UP. I check mine and return to the classroom chat. Teary-eyed emojis adorn the message. I click the thumbs-up and feel like shit.

M. So (@MarlaArielleSo) writes fiction (Twitter-sized or otherwise) for $5+ apiece at

He dithered at the church door as his mother lay in the hospital, wondering which would be the bigger sin, lying to her or to himself.

Nidhi Arora prefers, by far, to inhabit the world of fiction.