Stories from
July, 2020

I drank a six-pack. Smoked a twenty-pack. Packed up my car and left. I picked up a hitchhiker, just to tell her how sad I felt.

Raymond Sloan lives in Ireland and never leaves.

At fifty-three, she hadn’t planned to raise a two-year-old but her granddaughter would grow up in a proper home.

Tova Bitterman has no bio.

Have you ever wondered what’s out there? I have. That’s why I’m here. On Earth.

Daisy Roberts thinks math should solve its own problems.

She sent me a keepsake, as a sort-of reverse wedding gift. To say goodbye, I think. I wasn’t invited to the wedding. She knew I wouldn’t go.

Justin Soileau is a stand-up comedian and writer in Los Angeles, CA.