Stories from
November, 2020

Studying the drugstore employee’s eyes–dull, apathetic, without a trace of fear. She makes me so happy. It’s like the good old days.

Jennifer Shneiderman is a landlady and a writer living in Los Angeles.

The knock at the door signaled one of two options: either the police had caught up with him, or his doorbell was broken again.

Trevor Smith lives in Queens, making radio for NPR and writing books for no one. 

They liked playing fetch in the rain. Now that she’s gone, he doesn’t have to worry about the mud.

C.D. Marcum (@CD_Marcum) writes stories and stuff like that.

We packed the U-Haul to the brim with his new life. There wasn’t any room for that shelf we built. It probably would’ve fallen apart anyway.

Nick DelloRusso (@Nickdellorusso2) distributes pasta sauce across the five boroughs and thinks of stories while sitting in traffic.