Stories from
February, 2021

“Was I ever really human?” I asked.
Dimitri frowned. “With all you’ve achieved…does it really matter?”
I whispered: “It matters to him.”

Kelsey Yandura (@kelseyyan) really enjoys picnics but thinks potato salad is weird. Also, really into fantasy, sci-fi, empathy, and whiskey.

His breath puffs out in white clouds. The path ahead stretches into the darkness. Mayhap it wouldn’t hurt to lay down for a while.

W. B. Biggs is a writer, a teacher, and an aspiring wizard.

When I awoke I knew my sister Meredith had left. Because it was the cold that woke me up, you see. My mother had turned the heat back off.

Scott Harris (@ScottHarrisMMA) is a freelance writer based near Washington, DC.

The two carried the bags of clean clothes back to the van. Who will we be? asked the boy. I don’t know, said the man. Who do you want to be?

Robert Hoekman Jr (@rhjr) thinks death is when you stop chasing. He writes and writes. He lives on a farm and refuses to be put into a box.