Stories from
March, 2021

“You think he should have asked for my hand in marriage or something?”

“No,” his father says, “but I would have liked to give my blessing.”

CB McCall is an obvious pseudonym.

I was a teenage minimalist guilty of photos in my closet box. Please don’t say anything about the postcard collection either.

Katherine DeCoste (@katydecoste) is a writer who chronically forgets about her tea.

Day 47: Record rainfall continues. Waterfall now spewing smoke. Trees consuming carpark.

Locals concerned. Flora and fauna less so.

Cathal Gunning is a writer and poet whose work has appeared in (string of reputable locales)

I asked you if it was true and measured your silence, the weight of it. When you looked away, I wondered if I would ever feel light again.

Mário de Seabra Coelho (@MSeabraCoelho) has been published in a few places but doesn’t know why.

Family gone, he lives in a van by the pier. With gnarled fingers he baits kids’ hooks and untangles their lines, fishing for memories.

Kim Favors writes from California’s coast.