Stories from
March, 2022

All she wanted was to pause time, just once; and when that wish was granted she wanted to do it again.

Emma Wilson lives in Scotland where she researches, writes, and drinks lots of tea.

We had to pause between galaxies to hear the music of the stars.

It was dark, and we were alone, but oh, those songs.

Mari Ness writes stuff. Much of it short. Slightly longer examples can be found in her chapbook, Dancing in Silver Lands, from Neon Hemlock Press.

He lit a cigarette and watched his house burn down. “Mary would’ve loved this,” he whispered to himself.

Sacha Bissonnette is a poet and short story writer from Ottawa, Canada.

In the lighthouse it was so easy to be good. Light the fire, watch the white sails slide safely along. But now I know what was on the ships.

Daniel Galef is ancient, but no mariner.