Stories from
June, 2022

Wendy feels panicky. The bread is moldy, there is nothing to cook for lunch, and her son is already talking about Sunnyside retirement home.

Fiona H Evans (@FionaHEvans) is a mathematician and occasional writer of stories.

Waiting in line to pick up his prescription, she tried not to look too eager.

C.D. Marcum (@CD_Marcum) is a haiku poet who talks too much.

She ran every morning. Not because she wanted to, but because she hoped it would fix something.

Ben Lockwood doesn’t know how to swim, so he’s always drowning.

They left last Monday, but no one noticed; things carried on all the same.

If the Universe had realized that was it, it would have protested.

Simeon Care is an English writer, currently on submission, who has been obsessed with stories for as long as he can remember.