Stories from
December, 2022

Christmas Eve was the night Santa didn’t come. I mean, he didn’t come every night, but Christmas Eve was the night it mattered.

R. Gatwood’s fiction has appeared in Apex Magazine and Wigleaf, as well as on Twitter (@iwantanewhead).


Sometimes building this time machine seems futile. Why would younger me listen to me when I didn’t listen to that old man when I was young?

Philip Simondet is an improviser, a musician, a podcaster, and a writer and he still doesn’t like himself. 

Do you remember that great day when we walked on the beach, holding hands, talking, smiling? That’s when I saw her for the first time.

Marcin Kozak writes from the woods.  

You exclude more than you include. That’s the way it is with new starts. You live in the ark you built, even if you hear screaming outside.

Chris Bullard is a retired judge who lives in Philadelphia, PA. Main Street Rag published his poetry chapbook, Florida Man, this year.