Stories from
March, 2023

I watch my friends hang out without me for hours. I don’t think they can see me. I wish they would find my body already.

Cooper Warren is a senior in high school and wrote this short story as a project for English class.

Your silence was louder than the sirens.

Kayla Hazelton is living, laughing, loving.

I’ve always heard people say “there’s no love like a mother’s love.” Sometimes, it makes me wonder how much I am missing out on.

Morgan Foster is a teenage girl without a mother.

As we inch toward the end, the next several stories come from students! I love when teachers use Nanoism as a writing class exercise.

She only says bad things about dad but I know she misses him. I hear her crying after she tucks me in. He died before she could leave him.

Ethan Noll writes as often as possible because it makes him feel good.