Stories from
April, 2023

They still talk often. Never on what would have been their anniversary. But often.

R. Gatwood’s fiction has appeared or is forthcoming, depending on your temporal location, in Metaphorosis.

Was my aimless youth the antithesis of my unborn son’s heartbeats, my wife breathing through contractions, the sun painting the sill golden?

Kenneth Tanemura has an MFA in Creative Writing from Purdue University. He lives in Daytona Beach, Florida. 

She wants to drag him to the doctor so the doctor will tell her what to expect. But she knows what to expect.

Alisa Golden is feeling a little on edge at

Feedback: excellent at building rapport; needs to work on cutting people off.

Kristen Liberty Zecca – medical student, wife, dog mom.

After using his second wish to undo his first, he decided never to use his third.

Joshua C. Frank works in statistics, lives in Texas, and is a poet at The Society of Classical Poets.