Stories by
Ben Roth

Archeologists were puzzled when analysis showed the strata of surgical masks in middens everywhere preceded, by decades, the great dying.

Ben Roth’s fiction appears in Flash, Blink-Ink, Sci Phi Journal, 101 Words, decomp journal and Bodega Magazine (forthcoming).

My conversational ideal involves two chairs, burning wood, and a bottle. His: only screens and thumbs. So, no, we haven’t talked in a while.

Ben Roth’s fiction has been published by Flash, Blink-Ink, Sci Phi Journal, Aesthetics for Birds, Cuento Magazine, and 101 Words.

I anticipate the day I can tell my students I quit that website before they were born. It is not far off, those kids halfway to me already.

Ben Roth teaches writing and philosophy at Harvard.

So many illusions died that day on the overpass. Looking down on the passing cars, he realized that UPS trucks aren’t brown on top.

Ben Roth teaches writing and philosophy at Harvard.

I say, “It’s good, but it’s not like it’ll change my life or anything.”
She says, “I think maybe you misunderstand what a burrito is.”

Ben Roth teaches for the Harvard College Writing Program. He has a Ph.D. in philosophy.