Stories by
Eric Boyd

She could only get herself 302ed so often before people thought she just craved attention and hospital beds. She decided to try harder.

Eric Boyd (@EricBoydtweets) writes for a lot of different things. He was recently nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

He was still on the ground in the morning. His jaw hurt. They were both gone; he was alone. He’d never been so proud of his son, though.

@EricBoydtweets still writes a lot for different things.

During the audit, as the woman from the IRS combed through his receipts, he thought of how much simpler things were in the county jail.

Eric Boyd (@EricBoydtweets) writes a lot for different things. He is a winner of the PEN American Center’s 2012 Prison Writing Contest.

They met on a cruise, married days later. He hardly knew her but that was the appeal. She got ill soon after the honeymoon. Prostate cancer.

@EricBoydtweets writes a lot for different things.