Stories by
Sean Vivier

But lo, the Lord then formed a greater curse: the financial ruin of the firstborn.

Sean Vivier wrote this.

Until one day, Tantalus reached his hand and took fruit from the tree.  No need to yearn.  It should not have made him feel so empty.

Sean Vivier wrote this.

This story was a selection from the #twitterfiction festival

The wolf feinted twice. When nobody believed the boy’s third cry of alarm, he attacked in earnest.

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The Time Traveler released the plague on Cro-Magnon Man. See if the Neanderthals could do any better.

Sean Vivier is a teacher and writer from central Connecticut.

Isaac had barely spoken to him since. Abraham began to wonder if he had failed the Lord’s test after all.

Sean Vivier wrote this.

It’s strange. Ever since the whole of humanity fled to the suburbs, the giant monsters have yet to attack us.

Sean Vivier calls this one “Suburban Flight.”

She invests for nine months to afford the elf’s services. She gives birth, then pays the going market rate for happily ever after.

Sean Vivier is a teacher and a writer from central Connecticut.

The philosopher’s stone brought perfect order to chaos. The alchemist had but a moment of joy before the stone stilled his every atom.

Sean Vivier is a writer and a teacher.

Zeus didn’t have the heart to tell Pandora: Hope had been meant as a torment as well.

Sean Vivier wishes we could title these.

We took a troubled child from your world and gave him absolute power over a land of magic. Still, the reign of terror surprised us.

Sean Vivier teaches when he isn’t writing.