Stories by
Tim Terhaar

Wanting to destroy all the people he’d been, he hit Delete. Files splintered. He mashed Control, but already the blood was flowing freely.

Tim Terhaar has since leaned into the values of $60 candles and BC poetry.

Once she wrote, Something unpleasant has happened to me but nothing came of it.

Tim Terhaar wrote this story in Kafka’s diaries on 24 January 1914 from the pen of A.’s beloved, L.

Finally, he spoke their father’s name into the mirror a third time. “Well,” said his sister, “I guess it only works with Bloody Mary.”

Tim Terhaar almost has a BA in philosophy. He wishes he believed in ghosts.

He made a gun with his fingers and put it to the dog’s head. When Mother came in she saw him laughing, and rejoiced.

Tim Terhaar sometimes performs for animals who fail to interpret his gestures.