Unsure which fork to use first, the escape artist put down his drink and loudly asked if anybody wanted to see the tablecloth trick.

Noel Sloboda applies himself to obscure arts, mostly in Pennsylvania.

A few years later, Cinderella tossed the broken slipper in the bin and rubbed her sore feet.

@FilipWiltgren is a game designing fabulist who occasionally wishes the word order was reversed.

We thought the disaster spelled the end for the country. But it turned out too many people wanted there to be such a thing as America.

Sean Vivier can be found at seanvivier.com.

I regret little: cutting my sister’s arm on accident; breaking Granny’s stained-glass; running over my neighbor’s cat; denying it all later.

Austin Eichelberger teaches English and writing in sunny, sprawling New Mexico and doesn’t regret a thing.

Airliner trails streaked the blue sky, impossibly high, flying to unknown lands. Ang kept her eyes on her field, not daring to dream.

@SimonKewin is the pseudonym used by an infinite number of monkeys who write from a secret location in the English countryside.

When you grabbed my arm and pushed me into the vestibule I wasn’t scared. It had been years since you’d touched me so deliberately.

Michael O’Neill is a fiction and poetry writer residing in Chicago.

He was captured in the ocean of the well-endowed. Sired sixteen, killed three humans—they still won’t let him go. The audience loves him.

Alisa Golden is also reading Moby Dick.

I didn’t mean to call the black candles in the paper bag tacky. You brought them to my party ten years ago. I think of it every so often.

Patti Flynn lives in New Haven, CT with her 2 imaginary Siamese cats. Many people—ok 2—have been charmed by her amazing doodles.

He gave the order to destroy me, but the monster fed on love I no longer had.

Maddie Bernard overstays her welcome.

I could hear her whispering through the anaesthetic haze. She said she loved every part of me. I wondered if she knew how much was missing.

Vicky Hinault (@vickyhinault) is a true word obsessive and is happiest when scribbling in her notebooks, usually about the underdog.