The moment I hit send, the postscript made sense: the love poem was for me to read, not for me to edit.

Emi Merklin (@somethingemi) lives in Salem, Oregon and forgot she has a twitter.

Mankind invents and mass-engineers nuclear weaponry for the second time.

Tyson Kendall ironically values anonymity.

You give me one of your wings so we can fly together. But I’m bad at this. We fly in circles until we have to swim home, separately, alone.

Alisa Golden is paddling around here somewhere.

In a jet over Arizona he blotted out an entire city with his thumb and wondered if God ever felt this way.

Eddie Krzeminski lives in Florida and falls in love on a regular basis.

We grew up together without ever exchanging a word. It was only after she was buried in the cold earth that I accepted her friend request.

Bryn Yoder works odd jobs while waiting for a long-lost Nigerian relative to pass and bestow his fortune upon her. Fingers crossed.

I was grateful for my credit card consumer protection plan until I went to buy a ring. They called me, concerned, to tell me about Mark.

Sylvia Anna Hiven lives and writes in Atlanta. She is single.

Welcome back, Jen! Netflix recommends SHAME because you enjoyed Michael Fassbender in X-MEN and drunk-dialed Kevin. (Jen, it’s been months.)

Anna Kander writes with her sidekick, a fearless blue fish who doesn’t realize he’s one inch tall. Find her at

If I adjust my lens, and if the bedroom curtains are pulled back far enough, it looks like she’s smiling just for me.

Justin Short lives in Missouri.

When the wild things came, everything was different. They were younger, and confused, and wanted to hold my hand.

Derek Dexheimer (@dex3703) is getting better all the time.​

The damage healed, forests and oceans cover the world. There is one desert. At its center, an old Donkey Kong machine plays itself.

Derek Dexheimer (@dex3703) is getting better all the time.​