You left your briefcase on the table, so I brought it into the office.

I would like to speak to you when you get home.

Daniel Galef (@DanielGalef) is a person of letters, and also some tweets.

On the date, he noted four distinct verbal tics. Afterward she added to the tip he left. Both wondered what their friends had been thinking.

Daniel Galef (@DanielGalef) is trying to write longer and worse.

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I drank a six-pack. Smoked a twenty-pack. Packed up my car and left. I picked up a hitchhiker, just to tell her how sad I felt.

Raymond Sloan lives in Ireland and never leaves.

At fifty-three, she hadn’t planned to raise a two-year-old but her granddaughter would grow up in a proper home.

Tova Bitterman has no bio.

Have you ever wondered what’s out there? I have. That’s why I’m here. On Earth.

Daisy Roberts thinks math should solve its own problems.

She sent me a keepsake, as a sort-of reverse wedding gift. To say goodbye, I think. I wasn’t invited to the wedding. She knew I wouldn’t go.

Justin Soileau is a stand-up comedian and writer in Los Angeles, CA.

He had some harsh words with his reflection. It wasn’t the aging or gaining weight he objected to. It was that it was clearly his father’s.

Nick Grills is a writer living in London, UK. Fortunately, his thoughts are all 140 characters long anyway.

She selected Ted for his sense of humor, and Jon for his looks. But the billing was too complicated, so she just fed the cat.

Sylvia Hiven writes in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a dog person.

Sand between our toes, we cruise aquamarine aisles, fingering magazines, shells, and shiny pencils. With all my change, I buy a heart eraser.

Jane Eggers lives in Texas.