We accepted themed submissions during the very first official #twitterfiction festival, and it resulted in our first daily publication schedule in Nanoism’s almost four year history. Here were our selections:

Wednesday: the classics, revisited

  • 516 by Sean Vivier
  • 517 by Mari Ness

Thursday: generations

  • 518 by Christopher Hivner

Friday: legen—wait for it—dary

  • 519 by Cheryl Chancellor

Saturday: the practical and mundane

  • 520 by Leann Orris

Sunday: an alternate present

  • 521 by Matan White

Now, back to our usual routine for promoting itty-bitty stories week in and week out.

[…] an article by Nanoism that recaps their contest themes and the winners, including links to each […]

[…] Last month, Twitter—one of the patron saints of creativity—held its first ever Twitter Fiction Festival (#twitterfiction, naturally). Perhaps because Nanoism is straight-up stories and not some sort of collaborative tweetganza, my little longest-running twitter fiction magazine of all time wasn’t made an official selection. Didn’t stop me from doing a little daily themed contest in celebration of course, of which you can read the results/winners here. […]

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