He re-opened the can of beans and when he looked inside, again, there was nothing left.

J.P. Hern lives in South Florida, where you can find him at the beach or at a coffee house drinking Cuban coffee.

The sky is crying, teardrops on endless blue. And they can see her sadness but all they do is turn their faces and lift their umbrellas.

Sophia Huang is a 14-year old with big dreams and no way of reaching them.

I sent you a love letter with two forever stamps on it.

Kristy Lin designs jewelry.

The trombone was full of spit. He accepted the whiskey gracefully and when no one was looking, tipped his glass of water into it.

Francine Cunningham is an Aboriginal author living and writing in Canada.

Feigning nonchalance, she knocked back the placebo before quickly realizing that she would hate herself for a different reason if it worked.

Stephanie Hutton is a sleep-deprived clinical psychologist.

You leave the perfect amount of water in your nightstand glass each morning to feed my orchid.

Drew Knapp. DC. @zuzwan.

It’s been so long that we temporarily forgot: Nanoism is now over 7 years old (which is approaching infinity in internet years). Thanks as always for reading and submitting!

He spoke in a harried whisper. About things he’d seen. About fears that tightened his stomach like a vise.

On the other end, a dial tone.

Trevor Pyle is a poet, journalist, and short-story writer.

Once again, he tells me that snow is paper-colored. Before I make the bed, I ask him one last time why he assumes the default is white.

Alisa Golden just woke up.

On the kitchen floor, leaning against the cold oven, she asked why he didn’t love her anymore. Her father said nothing.

Natalie Schriefer (@schriefern1) reads a lot and often forgets to talk.