Everyone felt sorry for him, called him jilted. But his concerns lay elsewhere. He texted her: r u ok?

Sean Vivier is now a web developer.

Chimera’s leonine head feasts upon the hero’s flesh with delight. The goat’s head wishes it had the reach to look away.

Sean Vivier also has stories in Daily Science Fiction and Analog.

Our second author spotlight month features Sean Vivier, showcasing four fine tiny tales appearing weekly on Wednesdays.

It’s 3 AM and I just sent a very detailed account of a Bigfoot sighting to a Bigfoot research website and none of it was true please help me

Catherine Kwalton uses Twitter superfluously with creativity.

She notices he’s stopped dying his hair as his fingers flip through Korean instant noodles that’ve been discounted again since last week.

Geoffrey Miller’s fiction has recently appeared in Ginosko Literary Journal, Pank, and The Journal of Microliterature.

“We’re not in either, we’re between,” Dad says, eyes ahead.

His new navigator, I try to find us—swallowed by a crack between states.

Stephen Delaney: “Last revision. Promise!”

Curious, apologetic fingers stroked the coarse, post-op stitches then patted the belly that could never again wax and wane like the moon.

Meredith Hatcher is into submission, mostly literary.

An old woman says: “This is the story of a town that loses a little boy because they’re too busy—or too proud—to believe in a made-up wolf.”

A young shepherd with a wooden leg says: “This is the story of a stupid, stupid boy. A boy who doesn’t know words have power.”

An older man (who seems nice—ordinary—until the folklorist tries to leave) says: “This is the story of a wolf who finds the perfect prey.”

R. Gatwood (@iwantanewhead) is the emergent consciousness of a spectacularly inefficient library shelving system.

In time he comes to understand that the monster under the bed will never eat him. It will only eat away at his faith in his parents’ love.

R. Gatwood (@iwantanewhead) is often found under furniture, but can be minimized with regular dusting.

He gave up :-| trying :-| to keep a mood :-| calendar :-| because every
face :-| he drew :-| was exactly :-| the same.

R. Gatwood (@iwantanewhead) is not always concise.