They forced him from Themiscyra, as they exiled all boys, no matter how he protested that he felt like an Amazon inside.

Sean Vivier is a web developer, a ballroom dancer, and a writer.

The chapters of his life are not in order but the verbs are strong.

AJ Atwater’s stories are forthcoming or published in Literary Orphans, The Gravity of the Thing, PANK, and others.

My favorite band came to town. I paid $300 for floor seats so Amanda and I could watch the show through the lens of other people’s iPhones.

Michael Snyder writes (mostly) fiction, has been published in many places, and lives in TN with his amazing wife, children, and animals.

“Terminal, go!”
“I’m not voice activated.”
I touched its keypad. It purred.
I began typing. It wheezed with pleasure:
“Please, don’t stop.”

@NathanHillstrom studied Computer Science, worked on Wall Street, and now writes in beautiful San Diego. Fiction in Asimov’s & others.

The house he’d shared with his wife of many years had burned. With nowhere left to mourn her passing, it was time, at last, to see the world.

Justin DeFerbrache teaches English in South Korea.

Every May, they meet at the bar, each carrying a hard drive, dressed exactly the same way, to trade lives with each other for another year.

Miguel Paolo Reyes is a researcher from the Philippines.

The basset hound shuffled, its hind legs unsure of where its front was headed. Even further back, lost but for the leash, its owner grieved.

Jacob Edwards is a writer poet person from Brisbane Australia. He watches the world, lives mostly in his head and tweets @ToastyVogon.

On a spring day so calm the still atmosphere seemed to shimmer, my enemy buried his father. After that, nothing that came before counted.

Dani Bailey is an introvert, but not a misanthrope.

The moment I hit send, the postscript made sense: the love poem was for me to read, not for me to edit.

Emi Merklin (@somethingemi) lives in Salem, Oregon and forgot she has a twitter.

Mankind invents and mass-engineers nuclear weaponry for the second time.

Tyson Kendall ironically values anonymity.