You returned to your happy life. A year passed. And another. Mine was still waiting for me.

Marcelle Heath is a freelance editor and fiction writer. She is currently serving as Series Editor for the Wigleaf Top 50.

Today I stepped from the ground and just kept going up. The clouds tasted more like pond than cotton candy. Geese are dicks. I’m going home.

Zebulon Huset still rollerblades & thinks you should too. He posts heaps of writing prompts at

The old man in the alley was black with flies. Dead or nearly so, but the tourist had to hurry to catch the bus to the Great Wall.

Justin DeFerbrache teaches English in Northern China.

All the portents foretold his son would be his death. He knew how these things worked. He could do nothing but love the boy until the end.

Sean Vivier is the one who knocks.

He said he’d rather be feared than loved. But what did he know? When had he ever been loved?

Sean Vivier can be found at

Everyone felt sorry for him, called him jilted. But his concerns lay elsewhere. He texted her: r u ok?

Sean Vivier is now a web developer.

Chimera’s leonine head feasts upon the hero’s flesh with delight. The goat’s head wishes it had the reach to look away.

Sean Vivier also has stories in Daily Science Fiction and Analog.

Our second author spotlight month features Sean Vivier, showcasing four fine tiny tales appearing weekly on Wednesdays.

It’s 3 AM and I just sent a very detailed account of a Bigfoot sighting to a Bigfoot research website and none of it was true please help me

Catherine Kwalton uses Twitter superfluously with creativity.

She notices he’s stopped dying his hair as his fingers flip through Korean instant noodles that’ve been discounted again since last week.

Geoffrey Miller’s fiction has recently appeared in Ginosko Literary Journal, Pank, and The Journal of Microliterature.