She continued to count, loudly and slowly, long after the children were hidden, basking in the silence between the numbers.

Michael Jagunic is an extra on the set of Cleveland, Ohio.

Forget the stories we made up about the scars. We never had wings. We were born joined at the back, destined only to weigh each other down.

R. Gatwood is concise.

We pile in, wailing with the siren, start the first of a million card games, ignore the banging on the bunker door; it stops soon enough.

Daniel Galef reads when he isn’t writing.

“But he’s my son! My only child!” the woman pleaded. The machine input the new data into the equation, assigning it a value of zero.

Nathaniel W. Phillips (@EldritchNate) lives on the X and Y axes. He writes so he might someday find Z.

Archimedes smiled as the boy fell from the sky. He signaled his men to lower their shields, knowing Daedalus would blame hubris and the sun.

Ian Glass plays with film, canvas, and words.

His hand trembles over the garbage, clutching the frozen cake. Invisible beside him, she wonders what will happen when he finally lets go.

Robert Hanley likes putting words next to each other. If you’re especially bored, you can follow him on Twitter @RobertBHanley.

Atlas planted the seed of a world tree. He could bear the burden if he knew there would be an end to it.

Sean Vivier shrugged.

She wondered if his rub-on tattoo from That Day was gone, and if he had let it fade, or like her—scrubbed it off.

LiAnn Yim craves coconut, peppermint, and bitter dark chocolate. She tweets from @lkyim and co-edits @GoldenKeyLit.

She raised the glass and downed the love potion.

Soon, she would love him back.

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She waited all night for the bus: cheer team gym bag half-full, boyfriend’s coat warm, belly warmer, sunrise air cold on her flipflop feet.

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