Our shapes all fall apart, the world just a distorted mess of cubes that wish to be spheres but can’t quite stand the pressure.

Clara Schwan is working on her literary revolution.

As he looked at the test tube he saw not only saliva but answers to all of the questions which had vexed him since childhood.

Lauren Pathak is a writer and comedienne. She also makes an awesome cheesecake.

He was instantly in love. She knew his kind heart and said yes. She spent half a lifetime catching up.

Mike Sams lives in his head, which is geographically located in Townsville, Australia.

We love each other, physically, in our home. A woman outside taps on the canvas and says, You can’t do that here. No.

Maximilian Lloyd writes.

“Scrumptious,” Eve said and took another bite. “What’s in this pie?”

Adam bowed his head and looked away.

Behind him the serpent smiled.

Paul Rondema lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and daughter.

He butt-dialed the suicide prevention hotline for the third time in a week.

Bruce Harris is retired.

Noah watched the waters rise, losing both her history and future, only comforted with the knowledge that humans can find beauty in anything.

Beth Blu (@ElizabethEBlu) nefariously plots novels then recklessly writes them.

I found my father on Facebook fifteen years after he left for the gas station and messaged him: Did you get the pack of cigarettes?

R. Castillo currently lives and breathes in Texas.

He loved her once. She thought.

Melissa Sterry likes both whiskey and talking straight.

We grew up craftsmen in an age of sadness, when happiness had become nearly impossible to produce.

Robert Hoekman Jr is an award-winning writer and editor currently focused on big stories in small spaces.