He had some harsh words with his reflection. It wasn’t the aging or gaining weight he objected to. It was that it was clearly his father’s.

Nick Grills is a writer living in London, UK. Fortunately, his thoughts are all 140 characters long anyway.

She selected Ted for his sense of humor, and Jon for his looks. But the billing was too complicated, so she just fed the cat.

Sylvia Hiven writes in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a dog person.

Sand between our toes, we cruise aquamarine aisles, fingering magazines, shells, and shiny pencils. With all my change, I buy a heart eraser.

Jane Eggers lives in Texas.

She could either have the baby or chemotherapy. Everyone else thought it was obvious.

Alisa Golden collects words: www.neverbook.com

It wasn’t the diagnosis. It was picking up the phone and not knowing who would care.

Frances Koziar is a twenty-something retiree in Kingston, Ontario. Microfiction editor at 101 Words.

He yanked his loose tooth, buried it under the pillow. Even that did not bring his clumsy father back.

J.R. Night (@jrnighttales) is usually lost.

One day we will wake up and take a breath and wonder how many nanobots we’ve just inhaled and if they’ll be cozy in there.

Shane Olivieri wrote this on a Wednesday.


Edward Cody Huddleston is a lot of things but mostly a haiku poet.

Our shapes all fall apart, the world just a distorted mess of cubes that wish to be spheres but can’t quite stand the pressure.

Clara Schwan is working on her literary revolution.

As he looked at the test tube he saw not only saliva but answers to all of the questions which had vexed him since childhood.

Lauren Pathak is a writer and comedienne. She also makes an awesome cheesecake.