Stories from
July, 2009

Longing; attainment; boredom. Repeat. Repeat. Reflect; realize; release. Satisfaction. Boredom. OK—what now?

Joe Blaylock is at many places on the web.

Ants crawl within powdered rosin in the corner. One of their sisters was crushed earlier and now dances underneath worn ballet slippers.

Camille Petre is a dancer, writer, musician, student, and aspiring researcher in neuroscience.

Sunday morning includes a laptop, reruns, and naked breasts covered with chip crumbs instead of your lips. You snore through opportunity.

Brandice Schnabel (@brandice) is a geeky therapist living in Canton, Ohio. She is working on publishing a book of poetry.

The newly feathered doves resembled matching brown gourds lying on the ground. For the second time that day, she gently held lifeless twins.

Patricia La Barbera, author of The Celtic Crow Murders, lives in the Florida Keys.

After she left him she sent a postcard from Fiji. He paid sixty cents in postage due. He didn’t mind. He was used to paying her way.

Dan Moreau lives and writes in Utah. This is his first tweet.

Visiting her family, she felt like a mismatched pair of socks. Similar enough to wear, but once on, the differences were uncomfortable.

Kari Girarde enjoys the fog of the Outer Sunset in San Francisco.

We both stare: her at me, and me at the empty Merlot bottle she found in the bin. My wife hates wine.

Unlike most of her characters, Jenny McFadyen (@Cyfarwydd) is living happily ever after.

It was no honor to be the first robot on the moon.  But first robot to know it was on the moon, and what that meant–he was proud indeed.

@kaolinfire writes, edits, and makes websites & computer games.

One hundred and forty characters. Now I only have a hundred and six. Wait! Stop counting! I haven’t even started! And now you say I am done.

Stephen D. Rogers has published over five hundred stories and poems.

In the absence of predators, the species invented marriage, which its members could then pride themselves on surviving, year after year.

Dawn Corrigan is hunted by predators on the Florida panhandle.