Stories from
July, 2009

His holiday high point? Either broomstick-up-the-ass or battery-to-the-balls. Next time, though, he’d go first class and be an interrogator.

James Stevens-Arce writes novels, short stories, screenplays, and now tweets.

The lawn mower departed after the heroic flower’s execution. The humble flower who bowed at his feet opened her eyes. Alive. Alone.

Olivia Berrier is often clueless and always shoeless.

Everyone’s gone to bed. House is dark. Silence is suffocating. You hear a fart someone failed to conceal. Now you’re sure you’re not alone.

Ludimila Hashimoto’s translations into Portuguese include Alan Moore’s Voice of the Fire and Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels.

He was sitting in the sinking, fiberglass dinosaur when they caught him. “Lake monsters don’t get any respect,” was all he’d say.

Alasdair Stuart grew up on the Isle of Man and is adept at making his own fun. He is the host of Pseudopod and the editor of Hub.