Stories from
June, 2010

A fisherman whose net needed mending saw a purple airplane, but his wife disbelieved him. “Who was with you?” she asked, knowing no one was.

Edward Mullany is a writer and editor.  He lives in New York with his wife, Anjali.

After half an hour he puts the pen down for good. If he had the words to leave a note he wouldn’t be doing this.

R. Gatwood is concise.

He woke up, panicked. 12:30 a.m. Again. Those thoughts were back. And this time, they had unpacked their bags.

Julie Bloss Kelsey (@MamaJoules) enjoys short form poetry and fiction.  Her work has also appeared @microcosms, @7×20, and @outshine.

When someone finally told her that “LOL” did not stand for “lots of love,” she understood why Karen stopped talking to her.

Tara Barnes (@tarabarnes) leaves a lot to be desired.

4am: Poe blinked lazily at the raven perched on his windowsill, lifted the glass to his lips. “Well what would you have me say?” he mumbled.

Jessica Otto is a grad student at Goddard College.

When I had my heart attack, my wife leaned over me and said, “I am sorry. I’ve been having an affair.”

“I know,” I told her. “Call 911.”

Mark McGuire-Schwartz wonders about calling for help: Who would come?

Three days ago, a climbing party went missing. You move to the next headline, wonder if you’ve fed the dog.

Evan Schaeffer lives in St. Louis. Links to his stories and commentary essays can be found at

The runt of the litter was her favorite—guaranteed to die before she stopped loving it.

R. Gatwood is concise.

He grabs her under the palapa, all hands and hot breath. Maria will run tonight, after. Empty bottles; a blouse ripped for the last time.

Jackie Bateman is a British writer living in Vancouver. She will always champion the marmite sandwich.

I was born over there, your mom in 한국, and you here. Jobs for me are scarce back home. What do you think? You like it here? Is it OK for us?

Matt Stranach  (@mswriting) is from Fredericton, Canada, and currently lives overseas. He writes realism, horror, and sci-fi. He’s also a dad.